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Mindfulness - practice of presence

Basic attitude in consulting, coaching

& Therapy


Mindful Space

For me, mindfulness in my work means a form of appreciative breadth, openness and impartiality. It is also about being able to hold onto the difficult, sometimes painful experiential aspects of life. The beginner's mind and the not knowing are less a rhetorical model, but rather an embodied insight into the self-determination, wisdom and associated sovereignty of the client.

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mindfulness practice

In MBSR* mindfulness courses and training you can get to know the practice of presence for yourself and your environment. This can support coaching or therapy in many ways and serves, for example, to process experiences and topics touched  in courses as well as in therapy. One focus of my courses is on the aspect of mindful listening and speaking.


*mindfulness based stress reduction (GKV prevention course)

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