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Here you will find an overview of the current costs (private service).

The linchpin here: individuality makes fairness. 

fair = individual

Costs for counseling, therapy & coaching in english (face to face & online): 

Standard: 90 Eur per session (60 min.)

Individual*: 60-80 Eur per session (60 min.)


*Currently there is a time and appointment quota of approx. 40 percent with a flexible contribution, ie according to one's own possibilities, e.g. when looking for a job, studying/training, changing careers or other difficult life situations. The low, flexible price of 50 euros/unit is currently only possible for the initial consultation and for a majority of video coaching/consultation. Since 2020 very good experiences, especially with combined sessions are made (in the centre in Berlin and via online appointments). Feel free to contact me without obligation about current capacities and appointment options.

Cost coverage by private health insurance: 

Services for psychological counseling and therapy can be applied for or taken over by private health or supplementary insurance companies.

Initial information talk free of charge: 

A first information meeting (by phone or virtually) is free of charge and usually possible at short notice. Agreed sessions can be changed at short notice in individual cases up to 24 hours before the agreed time. 

Background to the individual offer: 

Today (2022) it is an honest concern for me to make psychological counseling and systemic therapy as needs-based as possible for people in challenging situations. There is a great deal that speaks in favor of directing the energy and attention to where it is particularly helpful and effective. Increasing social tension and upheaval are challenges that can obviously only be mastered in solidarity (climate change, pandemic, war(s), catastrophes, changes in the world of work and the economy) etc. 

Since 2020, experiences as a voluntary psychologist on the BDP Corona hotline and in the support of refugee helpers in Berlin (psychological first aid) have made me even more drastically aware of the real psychosocial consequences of the known health care needs and gaps as well as an often late or missing (re)acting at the system levels involved. I was also invited to experience my own limitations. Unfortunately, this health supply situation will probably only get worse in the coming years. In an offer that is as preventive as possible and at the same time individual and fair, I see a possible answer and response.

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