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Systemic counseling and therapy


For which life issues does individual psychological counseling or therapy make sense? 

Possible occasions are usually phases of crisis-ridden change in which one does not seem to know what to do or feels stuck, blocked or exhausted. This is accompanied by the emerging certainty and self-motivation to want to change something about the current experience and/or behavior. 


Occasions can be: 

  • Experiencing less self-determination in certain areas of life and the difficult emotions and thoughts that accompany this

  • A feeling that you're standing still professionally/privately or somehow can't get moving. 

  • Repetitive, unfavorable behavior and thought patterns that can lead to conflicts with other people (at work or in the family, partnership, upbringing)

  • Mental and/or physical stress, inner distancing and/or changes in performance

  • Being challenged more than usual when dealing with difficult feelings such as fear, sadness, loneliness or anger

  • The perception that distraction, withdrawal, or waiting will not bring improvement or be counterproductive

  • Possibly a diagnosis of a mental disorder that has already been established or communicated*​​

What do you notice as you read these points?

Possible would be: 

  1. A problem and thus deficit orientation (the glass is clearly half empty at this point). 

  2. This is often associated with overly familiar thinking strategies to deal with the past or with what has not (yet) happened. Examples of this are circles of thought or worrying about the future.

  3. This is often associated with a kind of negative motivation, ie an avoidance or maintenance motivation

  4. The assumption that an essential singular "core" of a problem can somehow be found (a common first motivation for counseling/therapy).  

  5. Diagnostic categories are often necessary and can often be exculpatory, but can sometimes also be experienced as labeling, which can affect self-esteem and reinforce feelings such as guilt and inadequacy. 

All of this is a fairly everyday starting point.

The other way around, you could also ask here as a first step, what do you want to move towards?   

Possible would be: 

  • Inner strength and support, stability and resilience in difficult times 

  • More self-determination and degrees of freedom in life 

  • More self-confidence and confidence in change

  • Further development of own skills and competences 

  • A sense of oneness of body and mind, heart and mind

  • Dare more self-care and self-compassion

  • Less is more - energy through deceleration

  • Improved handling of feelings

  • Communicating non-violently, resolving conflicts and promoting cooperation

  • Orientation and clarity in decision-making issues

  • Simplicity 

  • ?

Read more about the applied integrative approach


You are also welcome to learn more about my consulting approach* in a non-binding information meeting. 

*Important note: A systemic counseling and therapy offer is not to be equated with comprehensive psychotherapy (covered by the german health insurance GKV). For diagnostic clarification and acute treatment of complex clinical disorders such as severe depression, anxiety disorders, addiction and trauma, combined treatment by a psychiatrist and licensed psychotherapist is usually necessary. An exclusively systemic therapy is no substitute for this. Please understand that in individual cases I refer to the appropriate places, e.g. if psychotherapeutic care is more urgent or more comprehensive at the current time. Please inform yourself here on my website about possible questions and occasions or contact me by phone/e-mail. 

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