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About me

Studies and training:

  • Dipl. Psychologist 

  • State-certified naturopath for psychotherapy

  • MBSR-Mindfulness Trainer 

  • Stress prevention trainer (certified by Prof. Kaluza, GKM Institute) 

  • Systemic Consultant and Therapist  (advanced qualification)

  • Further training in focusing (2 years, DFI Würzburg), emergency psychology & Psychological First Aid (RAPID-Model, Johns Hopkins), operational integration management, risk assessment of mental stress (according to § 5 ArbSchG)

Experience and skills: 

  • Self-employed as a trainer and consultant since 2018

  • Organizational Consulting on workplace health promotion (8 years) 

  • Counseling and therapy for adults and adolescents (5 years)

  • Aptitude diagnostics according to TfV (GER) and emergency psychology/crisis prevention in railway and rail traffic (2 years)

  • Since 2022: Organizational consultant and trainer at a nationwide institute for organizational, employee and management consulting (Berlin)

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About my professional career:

After completing my psychology degree at the universities in Konstanz and Vienna, my path initially led to the clinical-psychological field. As part of additional training in clinical and health psychology (professional association of Austrian psychologists), I gained valuable insights into the psychosocial care system in youth and adult psychiatry. Here it became clear to me, especially in view of the “maintenance therapies” that were already quite common in the clinical area in 2013, that I wanted to find my vocation in a temporally and causally upstream, preventive context. Since 2015, this has led me into the field of workplace health promotion and health coaching. I also worked there as a trainer and consultant for stress prevention for health insurance companies and in organizational consulting.

During my clinical work as a trainer for relaxation and mindfulness training, I began to understand and apply the real potential of mindfulness practice. Since then, it has become more and more important to me from year to year to systematically deepen and pass on this experience and knowledge.


Since 2014 I have also been passing on MBSR mindfulness exercises as part of training courses and workshops on stress management as a psychological consultant in corporate health management for companies and health insurance companies. From 2015 to 2017 I went through an intensive process of in-depth practice and self-exploration (among others with Béatrice Heller, Center for Mindfulness, Zurich). Further training and retreats with Prof. Saki Santorelli and Prof. Jon Kabat-Zinn in Freiburg and Salzburg (2019) followed. I have been leading MBSR mindfulness courses in Berlin since 2018. 

In 2018 I also began to further develop my experience from company health coaching in my self-employment, since 2021 I have also been offering systemic therapy (in further training).  

My professional conclusio and belief since 2014:

Personally and professionally, I am convinced that every single person is allready on its way to overcome the current challenges, in order to lead a happy and "successful" (however defined) life. Clients who make the decision to seek support in a professional setting have usually already recognized a whole range of patterns and made various attempts at change. The resulting dynamics, frustrations and/or blockages are often the signals and clues that initially ask for an appropriate form of recognition and appreciation.

Together I invite to look for a solution and relief in a correspondingly appreciative and empathetic conversation, especially if such a solution seems a little further away at the moment.  

Personal background to the offer: 

Today (2021/2022) it is my serious concern to make psychological counseling and systemic therapy more accessible to people in challenging situations. There is a lot to be said for directing the energy and attention to where it is helpful and effective. Increasing social tension and upheaval are challenges that can obviously only be mastered in solidarity (climate change, pandemic, war(s), catastrophes, changes in the world of work and the economy, etc. 

Since 2020, experiences as a voluntary psychologist on the BDP Corona hotline and in the support of refugee helpers in Berlin (psychological first aid) have made me even more drastically aware of the real psychosocial consequences of the known health care needs and gaps as well as an often late or missing (re)acting at the system levels involved. I was also invited to experience my own limitations. Unfortunately, this health supply situation will probably only get worse in the coming years. In an offer that is as preventive as possible and at the same time individual and fair, I see a possible answer and response.

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