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health coaching

The mindfulness-based health coaching was developed in particular in individual work with professionals, students and employees before and during stressful phases, e.g. in change, reorientation and return to professional life. Coaching and consulting often revolve around: 

  • Prevention and management of work-related exhaustion or burnout

  • Recreation and healthy distance in the event of chronic stress

  • Dealing with stress intensifiers (e.g. nervousness, self-motivation, circles of thought, fear/anger)

  • Promote self-care and self-compassion

  • Emotion regulation, conflict prevention

  • Mindful organization of time during learning and exam stress

  • (Re)discovery and establishment of an optimization-free lifetime

  • Promotion of concentration and attention

  • Integration of healthy activities in everyday (professional) life

  • Training in sustainable healthy habits (relaxation, exercise, nutrition)


Health is far more than just an achievable state of physical and mental fitness. As self-care and personality development, health here is a dynamic process, linked to learning and self-understanding. Mindful self-encountering, self-trust and responsibility contribute to this. The coaching combines a correspondingly systemic focus on resources and solutions with mindfulness-based procedures (e.g. Acceptance & Commitment Therapy). Further bases are the prevention program "Calm and safe under stress" by Prof. Kaluza (certified according to §5 SBG-V) as well as current findings from health,  motivational and neuropsychology (e.g. on habits and health behavior).  

Format and frame: 

50 minutes per session. From 2022, a quota of appointments at particularly fair conditions is also possible for health coaching (e.g. for studies/training, job search, challenging life situations). The costs are currently 59-79 euros per unit (by arrangement and depending on your own options). 

Health coaching is also suitable for preparing, accompanying or deepening an MBSR course. Even independently of this, individual promotion of mindfulness practice can make sense, e.g. in the case of high time constraints and job-related mobility, which means that a regular course format is not possible, for example. Individual coaching is also possible online via video conference, especially in the case of increased mobility requirements. A combination of initial and follow-up meetings in person/virtual is often recommended. 

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